Do you want to start your own business?

Top 3 COmmunication tasks to do

Do you want to start your own business?



You are your brand. You, your beautiful self are your brand — any value, image or idea you express is an extension of yourself; your brand.  Begin by making a vision board of everything you like. Cut images out of magazines, colours, phrases, movies and you will eventually begin to see a pattern.  Include whatever it is that makes you tick.This is actually a fun project.

In the process, do not worry about perfection or grammar because you want to allow your creative vibes to flow. This process may take a day or it may take a month there is no right or wrong way to complete your board. Write out what motivated you to start a business, any words that you love, and print out fonts that you like. Believe it or not, your brand will reveal itself.  


Now that you have an idea of what your brand will feel and look like, the next step is contacting a graphic designer to design your logo. To begin, research what other successful businesses in the industry look like. You want to have an accurate idea as to what others are doing and what not to do. For instance, if you are selling stuffed unicorns and you really want a font that resembles a heavy metal band….you might want to reconsider. Print out a variety of logos that you like and take notes of aspects that you like and do not like and go from there. You can draw from your vision board to get ideas.One client saw my first draft of a logo and she loved it. It did not surprise me because the instructions I received were clear and easy to

  follow. However, when my client showed her wife (her wife was not at all involved in the new venture) her wife did not like the logoBut here’s the problem, it is a rare occasion that 2 people are going to choose or love the same logo as everyone has different ideas and preferences. Please consider, if your partner is going to be involved, that only one person will make the final decision.When you meet with your graphic designer, be specific and clear about your wants and needs­—designing a logo can sometimes be a process so be patient and willing and you will create a beautiful logo that aligns with your brand. 


Many new business owners think that they must do everything all at once so that they are ready to go on a certain date. While this makes total sense there are many factors that don’t work out in the original timeframe. Be sure to schedule some wiggle room so that if plans fall through or aren’t timely (lease contracts or tradesmen conflicts) you still have some time to sort 

these issues out. Many helpful tools like Pro Planner applications will set you up for success and provide a visual aide. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take time to enjoy the process and allow yourself some time to revel in the excitement of starting your new adventure.

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