Are you tired of spending hours
on your social media
but you're not getting
any traction or results?

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Branding and Design


Website design and logo design fall under the term “Branding.” If you are starting a new business you will require a logo and a website. Business cards can be designed to your liking. 

social Media & digital marketing

Most business owners acknowledge they need social media or a digital marketing plan to remain current and competitive, they just don’t know how or why or which application.


Consulting & ADvertising

Clarifying your business goals through interview and observation will enable me to create a marketing plan that targets your unique needs. Let’s meet for a coffee and discuss options.

Contact Me

Meeting new people and helping them reach their dreams by creating their brand, beautiful websites and Facebook advertisements is what I do best. What are you waiting for? Take the leap with me and lets get started.

            Email: amy@todd-communications.com

            Cell: 250.516.3424

Contact me to get started on your branding: logo and website design and social media

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