I’m a digital marketing expert, content writer, meditating Momma, self-development junkie, fisherwoman, island lover, soccer player and a bad ass women riser. 

I am many things that make me unique and that goes for you too. Together we can draw out your authentic self and create magic!

I want to be your secret weapon to the on-line advertising space. The digital marketing game has changed, and I want to help you navigate it so you can get back to doing what you do best!

Branding and Design


Website design and logo design fall under the term “Branding.” If you are starting a new business you will require a logo and a website. Business cards can be designed to your liking. 

social Media & digital marketing

Most business owners acknowledge they need social media or a digital marketing plan to remain current and competitive, they just don’t know how or why or which application.


Consulting & ADvertising

Clarifying your business goals through interview and observation will enable me to create a marketing plan that targets your unique needs. Let’s meet for a coffee and discuss options.

Contact Me

Meeting new people and helping them reach their dreams by creating their brand, beautiful websites and Facebook advertisements is what I do best. What are you waiting for? Take the leap with me and lets get started.

            Email: amy@todd-communications.com

            Cell: 250.516.3424

Contact me to get started on your branding: logo and website design and social media

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